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1. Intellectual property
All the elements that make up the website (designs, drawings, photographs, databases and the perceived temperature formula) and the information contained herein (except for the data cited from other authors) constitute a multimedia work holder which is owned of Serafin Garcia Freire.
Both the website as each of its elements and content (except for the cited data of other authors), are protected by copyright. Is permitted for personal use but are forbidden by commercial users. Also not allowed to distribute, modify or reproduce in whole or in part without prior written permission of the owner. In this sense, the owner reserves the right to initiate any legal actions deemed necessary to stop the misuse.

2. Disclaimer for the operation of the website.
The owner may, if otherwise appropriate, make corrections, improvements or modifications to the information contained on the website, without giving rise to any claim or right or compensation, or imply any admission of liability.

The owner of this software in any event be liable for direct, indirect, remote or casual about the person or property of the user or third party (including, by way of example, damages for lost profits, lost profits, loss of business information or any nature or any other pecuniary loss) arising from the use, information or interpretation of information contained in the software.

3. Objectives
Calculations on this website are the result of the interrelationship of many physical formulas and the use of different coefficients and databases.
  - All formulas are psychrometric equations and mathematical estimates of biological processes, scientifically recognized, except the following formulas that have been developed by the author: formula for calculating the thermal sensation of the bird, the formula for calculating the limit of the water used in evaporative cooling and the formula for calculating ventilation flow when excess temperature. The abovementioned formulas provide approximate results and therefore the values provided should be taken as approximate.
  - The coefficients used are, in some cases physical variables, and in other cases values recommended by well known authors.
  - The databases used (such as water consumption), are collections of data carried out empirically in different poultry farms over the time.
The equations that quantify biological processes (eg, production of moisture by the birds), by their nature, do not provide accurate results, so that the solutions proposed in this website should be taken as approximate.

This website is intended as an educational tool with only educational purposes. The information provided on this site is intended to complement and not replace the advice, which in any case be obtained directly from veterinarians, agronomists and other technical experts.
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