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Welcome to the poultry environmental simulator, a new tool that will allow you to:

1) Calculate the necessary equipment in a poultry house (number of fans and air inlets, square meters of evaporative cooling pad, number of heaters, etc).
2) Know the optimum ventilation flow at each moment (calculated using psychrometric physics formulas).
3) Forecast the resulting environmental conditions inside the house: temperature, humidity, air speed and thermal sensation perceived by the bird.
4) Quantify the total growth, feed performance and heating plus electricity costs at different temperatures.
5) Estimate lost profits when the temperature and environmental conditions are not ideal.

The thermal balance of a poultry house is considered, in physics, an open thermodynamic system, since the house exchanges heat with the rest of the universe. The heat exchange takes place in different ways, which may coincide in time. If we quantify these exchanges of heat and relate each other mathematically, we will stop seeing the environmental management of a poultry house as a intuitive and handmade task. It's just a relationship of "energies" that are in equilibrium, therefore, we can predict what will happen if we change one of these energies.

Genetic improvement makes our birds year after year grow more in less time and with less feed, but also needs more and more demanding environmental conditions and temperature. We can only use genetic potential, if environmental conditions and temperature are ideal. In addition, food and heating costs continue to rise, so a good environmental control on poultry houses, will make them more profitable. This website tries to be a teaching tool to help you achieve this goal.

Serafin Garcia Freire
poultry veterinarian
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